Technical Terms Explained

What is a Multifunction Printer?
Multifunction printers have largely replaced stand-alone photocopiers. They are sometimes referred to as “all in ones”. As their name suggests, they typi cally come standard with copy, print and scan functions with optional fax machine capabilities. Instead of having four different office machines, a multifunction printer can perform many tasks, and its efficient design increases productivity.
What features do multifunction printers offer?
All commercial mono or colour multifunction printers and photocopiers come standard with copy, print and scan functions. Fax capability is a common additional feature as well as stapling or saddle stitch finishing. Some even offer double-sided simultaneous colour scanning which helps productivity for users of a document management system.
How will the multifunction printer connect to my network?
All commercial multifunction printers and photocopiers come standard with network ports. Our price for commercial multifunction printers and photocopiers includes connection to your network. We ask our customers to complete a Network Evaluation Report prior to installation to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We prefer to co-ordinate the network installation with your in-house IT Department.
What are the benefits of colour?
Studies conducted by many independent organisations confirm what most of us already know. Colour is much more likely to catch attention and therefore improve communication and sale opportunities.
How can I control the cost of my colour documents?
The benefits of colour are obvious to most businesses, but understandably many worry about how to control its use and cost. We can preset our colour multifunction printers and photocopiers to print in mono unless the print drivers are adjusted, so you can never make the mistake of printing in colour unless you need it. Furthermore we can load the colour drivers onto the PC’s of staff members that you determine require colour. Finally we can allocate PIN authenticity numbers that allows you to track pages printed from each PC.
What is the difference between an OEM toner or ink cartridge and a compatible toner cartridge?
Cost is the main difference between OEM and aftermarket toner cartridges. OEM means the original equipment manufacturer. It refers to the manufacturer of the equipment producing their consumables. So in the case of Hewlett-Packard the OEM toner cartridge is manufactured by them.
What is a Managed Print Plan?
A managed print plan bundles the cost of office photocopiers, multifunction printers and laser printers, toner cartridges, consumables, service and spare parts to provide a guaranteed fixed cost per page. It harnesses the latest technology to improve productivity and deliver cost savings ranging from 10 – 40%.
What is a Print Audit?
A Print Audit analyses your total print environment, including future requirements, to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Meter readings, taken in consultation with your IT department, from all your print out-put devices over a period that establish accurate average monthly volumes. The next step is to calculate exactly how much you’re spending each month, down to how much each page costs from your various print devices. Then we identify the equipment that’ll meet your exact needs, utilising (where possible) your existing devices. Finally we’ll submit a Managed Print Plan that bundles the cost of the equipment, consumables and service to provide a fixed total cost per page. The Managed Print Plan is flexible and can easily accommodate changes to your requirements. We’ll also help reduce the number of pages printed to deliver further savings and improve environmental sustainability.
What does cost per page mean?
The cost per page consists of the capital cost of the photocopier or laser printer, toner and other printer consumables and service. Buying a laser printer or multifunction printer without regard to its operating costs is fraught with problems. It is easy to make an ill-informed decision solely on the cost of the laser printer. In fact, only when you do a print audit can you identify the true cost per page. For example the operating cost of mono laser printers are usually 20 times more than their purchase price, in the case of colour laser printers, it’s normally 40 - 60 times their purchase price.
What is document management?
Commercial multifunction printers and photocopiers facilitate high speed scanning of paper based documents into document management software which provide easy access to archived documents, remote access via the internet to archived documents and facilitate disaster recovery. Once the documents are stored electronically, they can be retrieved into hard copy as the need arises. It keeps paper usage and therefore costs to an absolute minimum.
How will a Preventative Maintenance Program help me?
A preventative maintenance inspection interval is programmed into your copier or multifunction printer in accordance with the machine’s specifications To ensure that your copiers, multifunction printers and laser printers achieve a consistently high standard of quality, we offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance contract that includes toner, parts and labour and key operator training based on an agreed cost per page. At each maintenance interval our technicians complete all checks and replace all parts in accordance with the manufacturers’ service manual, thereby addressing problems before they occur. You will maximise your investment by ensuring that it reaches the end of its effective life. Most of our competitors offer this service but deliver what we call “corrective maintenance”; they only attend after copy or print quality deteriorates or a breakdown occurs. This helps their bottom line but you’ll probably need to replace the copier / multifunction printer / laser printer before it reaches the end of its effective life. This is hardly a desirable outcome!
What does the term Print Coverage mean?
It’s the percentage of a page that’s covered by print. It’s important because toner usage is dependent on print coverage. The greater the coverage the more toner that’s used, and the more it costs. Most manufacturers specify the number of pages you can expect to get from a toner cartridge based on page coverage of 5%.
Is the amount of memory really important in my multifunction printer?
Our experience is that the memory which comes standard with multifunction printers is adequate for most applications. However, they can all be enhanced for a minimal cost.
What does “DPI” mean in relation to my printer?
These measures the number of dots per inch used to produce an image. Generally printers with higher DPI ratings produce higher quality images, however having said that most people can’t detect the difference once the DPI rating moves above 600.